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Dutch cryptocurrencytrader ‘Paco’ (27) had barely any money. But he made 60.000 euros profit trading in cryptocurrencies in just 9 months!

Cryptocurrencytrader with the nickname ‘Paco’ (27) from the Dutch province of Drenthe started trading in cryptocurrencies in March 2017. He put 400 euros of savings in a few cryptocoins and now his profit is around 60,000 euros. Paco, also known as “Pacoin” within the Dutch and international cryptocurrency community, is a connoisseur of the smaller altcoins and actively informs the fast-growing cryptocommunity through Twitter and as co-manager of various Whatsapp – and Telegram groups. His popular Twitter account Pacoiin has more than 10,000 followers.

Trading in cryptocurrencies

Paco:”I earned the most by buying Digibytes (DGB) on 110 sats (Satoshi is 0.0000000001 Bitcoin, editorial staff) and 1.200 sats. I also bought Monetary Unit (MUE) at 500 sats and sold it at 5,000 sats. With MyWish I also took out my investment ten times “.

I’m not often at the biggest rallies. I focus mainly on cryptocoins that are very strong in terms of content, but disappear enormously under the radar and for which few people have an eye. My experience is that it takes some time before they rise sharply in price, but after that “run” you will certainly have a nice profit because you are there early. So I am not a trader who, for example, takes out his investment a hundred times “.

Not a daytrader, but a reseacher

I don’t see myself as a daytrader, I don’t care about price fluctuations and do not very actively perform technical analyses. All my time has been spent on research: what is the technology all about; what is the team and development all about? What can provide an extra hype? My main research tool is Twitter. I have a number of accounts that I follow and of which I know they are really good at finding a next name that can go ten times. I have found Dragonchain and Mothership for example through the Twitter-account of Jeremy Ross (@jebus911). After his tips I go out for research myself. Another important source is @notsofast, which often has one after the other hundred times profit.”

Twitter’ influencers

To give an example of how I work. I saw Mywish going to the exchange fair after their ICO, because I had missed it. He was on Etherdelta, known as a dangerous and very inaccessible site in our world.

I researched MyWish and the first thing I noticed was that they had a video on YouTube with a tour of their office. Ok, I thought, that looks legitimate. The team had been together for a while, the CEO made a good impression on me. But the cryptomunt was extreme under the radar, nobody talked about it. There was some talk about it on Twitter. They have a working blockchain product, with which the token would be integrated. On the platform you can also use bitcoin, so you were not forced into their token what I find a pré.  I knew that other exchanges would record the cryptomint for the trade. I bought it on Etherdelta and MyWish had already gone X5 before Cryptopia took the currency. Subsequently, the starting price went on Cryptopia again X3″.


Another last tip….. make a Tweetdeck with lists. For example, a single list of exchange exchanges so that you have all the adverts of new cryptom coins and a list of experts you have high.

The 10 tips of cryptomint experts Ramon (“Pacoiin”) for 2018

  1. Mothership (MSP)

Paco:”Mothership is building a new exchange in Estonia with E-residency integration. I have a lot of confidence in the team and many big traders are known for their great appreciation of this project. That will help enormously to give it a boost for adoption. My own prediction is at least x10 – x20 this year.

  1. Investfeed (IFT)

InvestFeed was an existing company that had a social trading platform for the stock market. Now they have made the transition to the cryptower world and are growing fast. The project is still under the radar and the only thing this currency needs is to be added to one large exchange exchange.

  1. Red Pulse (RPX)

Red Pulse was one of the largest hyped coins in 2017, but after a list of Kucoin exchange scholarships, for example, he received little attention. Also not yet on a large exchange.

  1. DragonChain (DRGN)

I am firmly convinced that this one is going to enter the top 10 this year and perhaps even the top 5. For me this is the Ethereum of 2018.

  1. MonetaryUnit (MUE)

For me, there is only one reason why I am very bullish on MUE. And that is that the twitter account @notsofast has been added to their team. That’s well-known influencer on Twitter, known for its many “x100 runs” and best Hodler. I always take his opinion very seriously and he believes that MUE will end up being very high. Some reason why I want it.

  1. Wagerr (WGR)

One of my personal favourites that nobody looks at. Wedding on sports competitions via the blockchain! Their blockchain launches at the end of January. I think that 2018 may turn out to be a year when people will recognise them as a super project.

  1. Bitclave (CAT)

Icon’s co-founder is part of their advisory team. It is a decentralised search engine and the project comes just from ICO and the price is still very low. Available from the Chinese barter exchange Bibox.

  1. Neo (NEO)

Needless to say, Neo cannot be lacking. They have an influential proprietary blockchain platform that others can build on. A lot of ICOs will come out on the NEO platform. That’s why I think that NEO will only continue to grow in marketcap. Will end in the top 5 in 2018.

  1. Neuromation

The ICO has just been completed (7 January 2018) and cannot be traded until February, so investors can be very early. Their business is to develop so-called synthetic datasets for the training of artificial intelligence. I think this is a really cool project and they already have a lot of partners. The team also looks very good “.

  1. SophiaTX

It is an open source blockchain platform developed to be integrated with business applications. A cooperation agreement has also been concluded with General Electric. Stands only two small exchanges Qryptos and EtherDelta. Growth potential is great “.

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