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Meet YouTube-star the Crypto Chick and her top 5 cryptocoins for 2018

Yes, it’s not for nothing that she’s called the Crypto Chick. And with more than 15 thousand followers, she is far from being as popular as the vlogger Crypt0 with his 80 thousand subscribers. But the Crypto Chick has fun videos for the cryptocoin dummies among us.

The top 5 cryptocoins of Crypto Chick

And for 2018, she gives five tips for cryptycoins (which were worth less than 1 dollar at the end of December 2017). She provides an extensive analysis per currency. And also tips on which tools you can use to analyze a coin. Her tips:

  1. Substratum (SUB)
  2. Forgotten (XVG)
  3. Power Ledger (POWR)
  4. HempCoin (THC)
  5. Redd Coin (RDDD)

Check out the Crypto Chick

Check her video (ca. 15 minutes of your time).


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