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The 10 ‘must-haves’ of the Dutch cryptocoindealer Joël Happé for 2018 (+video bonus)

This article was first published by our partner Bitcoin Magazine Benelux.

Bitcoin Magazine asked Joël Happé for his top 10 for this year. Among them are a number of striking names such as Power Ledger, GET and Salt. The top 10 looks as follows:

The 10 must-haves’ for 2018 of the Dutch cryptocoin dealer Joël Happé

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Happé: “Bitcoin remains the holy grail of the crypto. Transaction fees have increased considerably and I expect this to remain a problem in 2018. Despite this, demand will only increase. On testnet, serious steps have already been taken by the developers to make bitcoin scalable, and there is simply an increasing interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency worldwide. In practice, there is not a single cryptomint that really scales up with today’s question, so I sometimes find the criticism of bitcoin somewhat exaggerated. Over the years I have often heard that the end of the bitcoin is near, but in the end this always turned out to be FUD and a great opportunity for the whales to store cheap coins. So do not panic even in 2018. Hodl and BTFD”!

2. Litecoin (LTC)

Happé: “Litecoin, a coin that undoubtedly everyone has heard from with a large number of lovers in Asia. The most reliable cryptocurrency for making payments. Litecoin is often described as the silver and bitcoin as the gold of the crypto. Perhaps Litecoin is overlooked because it is a currency that is already working really well as a means of payment. LTC owes this to the stable team of developers and unified community. Often the newest techniques such as SegWit are used in this coin for the first time, and with success! Litecoin is also always one of the biggest growth companies and this will not change in 2018”.

3. Monero (XMR)

Happé: “Monero has as the most popular coin that focuses on privacy another great year ahead. Indeed, privacy coins are an enormous nichemarket in the crypto community and this is also reflected in the lists of coins that yield the most return each year. In 2016 Monero proved to be the most profitable purchase and in 2017 it was Verge, two privacy coins. There are rumours that in addition to markets acting on the deep web, this year also well-known retailers will implement Monero as a means of payment. In addition, I am a lover of the developers behind Monero and believe that the ability to anonymize transactions is a good thing. It is a misconception that there must always be insight into money flows, and that proves this currency”.

4. Ethereum (ETH)

Happé: “Ethereum will take the first steps this year to work on the scalability of the Smart Contract platform. At present, Ethereum is not sufficiently efficient to remain reliable in peak times. Transactions stay for a long time and sometimes everything is stuck. A start will be made on the migration from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake and Ethereum will then try to achieve more than 100 times the number of transactions with the so-called Plasma and Sharding solutions. These are important upgrades because blockchain technology will continue to gain popularity in the coming years. Fortunately, Ethereum has one of the most brilliant people of our time on board with Vitalik and scaling started on testnet on 31 December 2017”.

5. NEO (NEO)

Happé: “Neo, also known as the’ Chinese Ethereum’, is China’s first official blockchain project aimed at building a Smart Contract platform. This year, I expect many new ICOs on the NEO platform that act as a catalyst and will push the price easily into the hundreds of dollars. In addition, the developers of NEO also devote commendable care to maintaining compliance with the government. The Chinese market is huge and that makes NEO a long-term currency”.

6. Mothership (MSP)

Happé: “Mothership will be a new cryptocurrency exchange and token market with built in Estonia’s e-Residency program. Blockchain companies, startups and individuals can therefore exchange their euros for bitcoins, ethers and other cryptomint through MSP without having to go through an old-fashioned verification process. In addition, ICOs and companies will take all the legal paperwork out of their hands and build extra security in the digital wallets with the e-Resident digital identity. For exchanges, it is always important to remain compliant with the authorities and MSP has all the documents to be a success in crypto-friendly Estonia”.

7. Power Ledger (POWR)

Happé: “Power Ledger uses the blockchain to enable P2P exchange of excess energy. According to many analysts, Power Ledger is therefore a hit with one of the most useful use cases of blockchain. After all, everyone needs energy. When households and companies can exchange energy in real time, the whole energy sector is more distributed and cheaper for everyone. Renewable energy is in surplus, but not yet well distributed”.

8. Seal (SEAL)

Happé: “Seal integrates NFC chips with blockchain technology to attribute unique information to products in a digital copy on the blockchain. Counterfeiting of branded products is a serious problem that is very costly to spend. That’s why Seal enables everyone to verify product authenticity by means of a simple scan with a smart device. In addition, the Seal token can be used to claim property by recording the transfer on the blockchain. Seal’s revolutionary technology creates consumer confidence, is a brand service and resolves the problem of counterfeiting forever. Simple, quick and transparent!”

9. GET (GET)

Happé: “GUTS is the first ticket system to register SMART tickets via the blockchain. It uses the Guaranteed Entrance Token. GET makes ticket fraud impossible because each ticket is unique and the transactions are recorded decentrally. In addition, cards can only be traded at a fixed price, which finally puts an end to the ridiculous prices on the second-hand ticket market”.


Happé: “Salt is building a market for taking out loans where the focus is on the value in the client’s crypto wallet. Because the blockchain is reliable and transparent, all risks are covered. In addition, cryptomillionaires are often not eligible for traditional financial products, or they have to give up their favourite cryptomints first. Here the Salt Lending market offers a solution, where everyone can safely borrow and lend money without hassle. Blockchain backed loans!”

Note editorial staff: Happé is itself a marketer of SEAL, number 8.

Bonus: Video-interview met Vincent Everts

Trendwatcher Vin Everts en organisator van de Dag van de Crypto:


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